World Overview

3 large continents surround a medium-sized island. This central island has many names, but it is best known as Battleground. Battleground is important because in the middle is the Font—the source of all magic in this World. Every faction wants to control the Font because of the power it gives to whoever rules it. However, the biggest reason that so many fight and die for the Font is because of the Prophecy. It is well-known that if any faction controls the Font for one full year, without interruption, its Deity will be given such power that it will easily destroy the other two gods and their followers. Yes, it’s a big deal. The 3 Deities, through their followers, have warred over the Font for centuries, if not millenia. No one currently alive remembers how the world used to be. Any time one faction takes control, the other two immediately forge an alliance to defeat it. Of course, that alliance never survives the next conquest of the Font.

But what is the Font? No one is really sure. There are many rumors, but the reality is that no one who has seen it has ever left its presence alive – as far as we know. Most who reach the Font end up dying in battle – either while trying to wrest control of it or in trying to defend it from others. Its general location is known (the circular mountain range in the middle of Battleground), but not much more than that.

You are not a follower of any of the 3 Deities. Perhaps you worship a fourth, upstart god, who seeks to upset the balance. Perhaps you are a pure mercenary who only “worships” money and power. Or maybe you were once part of a faction, but got so jaded that now you have no allegiance. Whatever the case, you now find yourself in a bit of a pickle…


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