Shamaya: Her colors are Blue and Purple, and her symbol is the Clenched Fist. Races most commonly associated with her are Drow, Dwarves, Devas, and Razorclaw Shifters.


Shamaya means: “The vibration of creation; a consciousness of heaven. It is that which shines in and radiates as the center of all that is seen and unseen.” Literal translation is: “Dark Beauty.”


Shamaya is known as the destroyer/creator of all things in the worlds of the seen and unseen. She does not discriminate against races, but very easily becomes emotionally enraged at idiots. She encourages others to rebel against them. She is an equal opportunity dispenser of rage.


Clenched Fist is a symbol of rebellion and militance. Shamaya extends out her clenched fists only to crush those who disobey, disagree, or wrong her.


Blue represents vigilance, perseverance, truth and loyalty; Purple represents royalty, sovereignty, justice, wisdom.

Social Hierarchy

Equal gender society (Shamayans).


Semi-anarchic. Shamaya communicates through whomever she feels deserves to be her messenger/prophet under the circumstances, whether it be the highest noble or lowest peasant. Chaotic.


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