Keira Darsey

Human Fighter

Keira is a cold-blooded killer who only looks for righteous slaughters. She chooses to righteously slaughter those that mistreat the weak; whether they are lower class citizens mistreated by the elite, people wrongfully abused by others or those who get in her way of performing her duties. There must be a proper “killing scene” or opportunity for Keira to actualize her fantasies. These scenes occur during battle or in a secluded area. It helps her to think she is putting one over on those who are stifling her life’s goals. To her, killing is the ultimate act of transcending the morality of the community. This in turn, helps create a transcendent identity within herself. She knows that by wiping out the scum of the continents, she will one day be able to rule the Font and the world. She loves the smell of blood. She keeps blood samples as trophies. Most would label her as suffering from antisocial personality disorder. Despite what they may think of her, she believes she has a “Robin Hood” thirst for blood complex.

What turned her to this life of chaos? A long time ago when she was a little girl, Hale and Cantrell tried desperately to take the Font back from Shamaya. After many failed attempts, the deities came up with a secondary plan which succeeded. They snuck into Shamaya camps on Battleground, kidnapped followers of Shamaya, and enslaved them. This enslavement hindered Shamaya from producing more warriors to defend the Font. Keira’s family was enslaved; her father and brothers were enslaved by Cantrell while her mother, sisters and she were taken by Hale. To the Shamayans, the followers of Hale were known as the rich vermin of the earth while followers of Cantrell were known as the blood suckers of the earth. Haleians mistreated their slaves and scoffed them for having poor vigor. Little did they know that the Shamayans were given the strength of the clenched fist so that they could rise up and rebel against them. Through secret practices, the little girl trained to become a fighter and she would later become known as The Dark Vindicator.

How did Keira become imprisoned? After several years of enslavement, the Hale-ku began converting the Shamayans. Those who refused were kept on as slaves. If they refused three times, they were then slaughtered in public. It was the third time that they asked Keira’s family and they refused. They took all of them to the town square. Keira watched as her mother and sisters were slaughtered mercilessly. The rich stood by laughing with the guards. The poor dared not laugh for they would have been next or would have been enslaved. The guard captain finally turned to the girl, laughed and said, “What shall it be? Do you repent to come and join us?” The girl looked at him with enraged tears in her eyes and said, “You are an idiot, a coward, and no hero. Only a hero would do his slaughtering by himself. Instead you ask others do it for you. You are pathetic even in the eyes of Hale.” This comment made the guard captain very angry, such that he charged at her with his axe. As he was close enough to the girl and before he could crush her with one mighty blow, she lifted herself up on the chains that had her arms tied up, and with all the force she could muster, brought her legs down on his shoulders and snapped his neck like a twig. The guard captain’s body fell swiftly to the ground. She looked around the town’s square and saw looks of disbelief on the faces of the rich and looks of amazement on the faces of the poor. She gruffly said out loud, “Who’s next?” The town’s guard surrounded her and began approaching her cautiously when all of a sudden, the town priestess of Hale came forward and said, “Do not harm her. I like her. I am amused by her. Unchain her and take her to the prison at Punjar. She is truly filled with darkness. I want to see what she will do next.” At this moment, everyone was down on their knees. When the priestess went away, the guards did as she commanded. Keira was placed in the prison at Battleground and was left there. She plotted and fantasized about the day she would have her revenge on all those who punish and enslave others for amusement.

Keira Darsey

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