Cantrell: His colors are Gold and Black, and his symbols are the Sun and Moon. Races most commonly associated with him are Eladrin, Gnomes, Wilden, Dragonborn, Goliaths.


Cantrell means: “Bellmaker or ringer of all things created. Through song of chant and spill of blood, races and all creatures are born.” Literal translation is: “Small bell”.


Cantrell is known as the creator of all things living in the worlds of the seen and unseen. “I feed you of my own blood” is the motto used when a follower of Cantrell wishes no harm to another. However, legend has it that when the blood of Cantrell’s chosen is spilled, the moon turns gold and the sun turns black. If that happens, all creatures should fear for their lives.


The Sun is a symbol of life and energy. It is the center of life’s existence. The Moon is a symbol of influence, reflection, and the darkness within us.


Gold represents generosity and elevation of mind; Black represents authority, power, constancy and grief.

Social Hierarchy

Male dominated society (Cantrellians).


Theocracy. 7 chosen leaders gather at the same place to heed Cantrell. Cantrell speaks to all 7 at the same time and not independently. Lawful.


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